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DeRay McKesson

Civil Rights Activist & Digital Influencer
DeRay Mckesson is a civil rights activist focused primarily on issues of innovation, equity, and justice. As a leading voice in the Black Lives Matter movement and the co-founder of Campaign Zero and, he has worked to connect individuals with knowledge and tools and provide citizens and policy-makers with common-sense policies to ensure equity. Spurred by the death of Mike Brown and the subsequent protests in Ferguson, Missouri, Mckesson has become a key voice in the effort to confront the systems and structures that have led to the mass incarceration and police killings of Black and other minority populations. He is also the host of Pod Save The People, a weekly podcast focused on activism and social justice. He was named as one of the “World’s Greatest Leaders” by Fortune in 2015 and as one of the “30 Most Important People on the Internet” by Time in 2016.