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Kevin Beerman

Creative Director, Chicago Ideas
What inspires Kevin? Drag queens, misfits, highways, trains, disco, poetry, key changes, rock climbing, and dogs. Every kind of dog. Kevin is the Creative Director, overseeing the creative strategy behind the organization's experiential, marketing, media, and digital content. One of Kevin’s primary passions is to tell the inspiring and captivating stories of Chicagoans from every corner of the city in a variety of ways. Kevin’s path to Chicago Ideas wound its way from St. Louis (where they were born) to New York (where they lived for six years) to Chicago (where they spend a lot of time eating pizza). A passionate storyteller since they were a kid, Kevin has worked as a writer since high school, doing everything from local news reporting and long-form essays to political advocacy and poetry. Kevin believes in the revolutionary potential of public discourse, of telling each other our stories, of morphing our lives into words for the world. When Kevin isn’t telling Chicago’s untold stories for Chicago Ideas, they’re out on their bike, going for the high score on a pinball machine, or passing time in one of the city’s iconic parks.