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Lupe Fiasco

Grammy Award Winning Hip Hop Artist
For Lupe Fiasco, inspiration is attained amongst high altitudes. Sometimes literally--the avant-garde MC has been known to climb Tanzania's Mount Kilimanjaro for both charity and clarity--and other times, in the figurative form of great men's greater work. Philosopher and linguistic scholar Noam Chomsky, scribe supreme James Baldwin, historian Howard Zinn, religious activist Malcolm X, have all contributed to the worldly perspectives of the man born Wasalu Muhammad. Yet, no icon has lent greater influence to the 30-year-old orator's latest work than Baldwin. Jimmy's masterful writings and truth unfurling documentaries like "Take The Hammer" supplied motivation for quite possibly Lupe's definitive album, "Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album." In Lupe Fiasco's world, the greatest art is the purest art. Thus after a colorful six-year career, which wrought three studio albums--the lyrical dissertation "Food & Liquor" (2006), its thematic successor "The Cool" (2009) and controversy-drenched "LASERS" (2011)--as well as much tension between MC and label (Atlantic Records), he's created an album solely for his soul.