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Nathaniel Manning

CEO, Ushahidi
.As CEO of Ushahidi, Nathaniel Manning helps change the way information flows in the world by building technology to help marginalized people raise their voices and connect with the help they need. Under Manning’s leadership, Ushahidi’s open source software that helps people understand what’s happening on the ground has been used more than 150,000 times in more than 160 countries for issues like human rights reporting, crisis response, and government transparency. Manning was also part of the founding team that built BRCK, which aims to bring connectivity to the next 4 billion people, from within Ushahidi. Prior, Manning was a presidential innovation fellow in President Obama’s CTO’s office, where he worked to liberate open data for international development, and served as the Chief Data Officer of USAID. He was also the co-founder of the robotics company Fellow Robots and a financial associate for the clean energy team at the Clinton Climate Initiative. Manning sat on the World Economic Forum's Personal Data Team and has been named to the Good 100 list, dubbed by the magazine as a “connective thinker.”