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Phyllis Lockett

CEO, Leap Innovations
Phyllis Lockett is CEO of Leap Innovations, a Chicago-based nonprofit organization that connects educators with the technology, funding and networks they need to pilot and scale personalized learning technologies and innovative practices in the classroom and beyond. Before starting LEAP, Phyllis — who is the daughter of two Chicago Public School teachers — was a driving force behind Chicago’s charter movement. As founding president and CEO of New Schools for Chicago for nearly a decade, she brought quality public schools to communities of high need and advocated for school choice, including helping to raise more than $70 million to support opening 80 new public schools, primarily charters. She previously served as executive director of the Civic Consulting Alliance (CCA), a pro bono consulting firm for government agencies, and held marketing, sales and business development roles with Fortune 500 companies, including IBM, Kraft Foods and General Mills.