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Zubaida Bai

BHSI Fellow; Founder & CEO, AYZH
Zubaida Bai, mechanical engineer–turned–social entrepreneur with a deep passion for improving the lives of underprivileged women. Founded in 2010, AYZH provides clean birth kits to impoverished women worldwide and aims to reduce the nearly 800 preventable childbirth deaths that occur each day. Today, Bai is a recognized leader in the field of “appropriate technology” for the developing world, with a rare combination of expertise in engineering, global women’s health and business. Bai has a Master’s in Engineering from Dalarna University in Sweden and an MBA in Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise from Colorado State University. Recent honors and awards include: World Economic Forum Young Global Leader (2013), Echoing Green Fellow (2012), INDIAFRICA prize winner (2012), World Health Care Congress Award (2011), Index Award (2011), Ashoka Maternal Health Champion (2010–2011), Clinton Global Initiative (2010) and TED Fellow (2009).